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KEAB architects designs vertical art gallery in traditional Busan market to preserve its heritage

April 11, 2020

KEAB Architecture has designed a new commercial building in Busan’s Gijang Market in South Korea to preserve the historic value of the traditional market. The staircase in the newly constructed 2,435m² commercial facility was designed as an art gallery that showcases the history and memory of the traditional market through the lights and exhibitions displayed along the stairwell.

Through this open art gallery, visitors to the market are able to traverse in the area not only horizontally but also vertically. “We intended to shift the flow from horizontal to a vertical direction, because we observed that people in a market setting never move straight; they move around like zigzags to explore every single spot to discover what they want or enjoy window shopping. That was the key concept to create vertical stairs to express zigzag-flow from the market,” explains the team comprising architects Heesung Baek, Eunji Choi, Saeam Park, Saeun An, and Nayoung Kim.

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If you look at this surreal stair space with mirror and exhibition, you will finally arrive on the fifth floor, and will be able to discover a hidden garden and a cityscape on the roof. Also, the beams of the buildings covered vertically will serve visitors as lighthouses that serve as wayfinding directions in complex markets like lighthouses in the sea.

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Photos: REVI

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