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Colourful kindergarten in Vietnam encourages safe exploration and nature-based learning

February 17, 2020

Located in the northern Vietnamese province of Hoa Binh, Da Hop School is a kindergarten designed by 1+1>2 International Architecture which focuses on creating a friendly community, and harmony with culture and nature. Featuring interesting diverse spaces within an area spanning 2,200m², and with the classrooms overlooking the surrounding mountains, the environment allows children to freely explore and experience nature.

The priority being for young children to learn while playing, the design of the school, led by architects Hoang Thuc Hao and Nguyen Duy Thanh, focuses on the movement with the blocks interlocking with the rhythm. The separate blocks are connected by a covered bridge corridor, which provides a safe environment for children’s movement. The school includes many versatile spaces: practice rooms, skill rooms, theaters, an all-season swimming pool, indoor and outdoor stadiums, aquatic gardens, interspersed with playgrounds and lawns, aimed at meeting the comprehensive development needs of children.


The main axis in the north-south direction optimises ventilation and natural lighting. The building has multi-coloured eco-roof insulation, noise-proof, combined with rainwater gutters, making use of watering plants in the school yard. It also has in place solutions to increase indoor comfort such as a sun-blocking layer on the main face facing south; balconies with openings in the west and northwest, which improve circulation while providing cover against sun and wind effectively. The use of un-burnt bricks minimise heat transfer as well as help with acoustic considerations by increasing sound absorption and reducing noise.

Photos: Hiroyuki Oki

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