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Toob Studio designs corner house in Hanoi that preserves traditional details with modern accents

April 23, 2020

Toob Studio has redesigned a 90m² house in Hanoi that aims to preserve traditional details while modernising it for current times. Located at the junction of two vibrant streets, the five-storey house was The current house is a five-storey townhouse built in the 2000s, the owner of the house is a lady born and raised in Hanoi.

The team of architects, led by Nguyễn Hồng Quang and assisted by Huyền Trang, Vũ Phát, and Khoa Điềm., aimed to build a place where architecture and humans are integrated into this atmosphere. They proposed an architectural renovation with simple and flexible shapes. Traditional details such as shutters, close up wooden doors, and purlin structure with tiled roof have been integrated into this tropical modernist space in order to create different perceptions from various perspectives.

The large surface covering the exterior acts as a protective boundary to ensure the residents’ privacy. The edges become less solid due to the adaptation of visual methods that allow light and sound to go through. Residents are always able to maintain the relationship between inside and outside of the house by the openness of these boundary sections. Thus, the act of opening or closing contributes to diversify and identify the house’s appearance.

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Photos: Triệu Chiến

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