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In China’s Chongqing city, a sculptural clubhouse by 10 Design becomes the focal point of an exclusive project

June 19, 2021

The sinuous form of the Wide Horizon Clubhouse sitting atop a hill serves as the gateway to a residential development.

Inspired by the natural mountains and lush topography of the immediate Chongqing context, the building sits proudly on the top of a hill like a sculpture with its lower levels cascading down the hillside. 

Barry Shapiro

Commenting on the project that seems to successfully blend art and architecture, Barry Shapiro, 10 Design’s Asia Managing Partner, says: “We are delighted to see that our design for the Wide Horizon Clubhouse has come to fruition.  The new clubhouse has become not only a new symbol of a wider development but also a new icon in Chongqing.  Its strong, dynamic forms and materials have helped to make the building an object of art itself, in addition to the exhibitions within. “

Photo credit: Arch Exist

The clubhouse, a 9,000m2 building spread across five floors, is located on a steeply sloped hillside adjacent to the main entrance of a new residential development. The clubhouse will act as a main gateway into the new development and was designed as a dynamic pairing with a future office tower adjacent to the site. 

Photo credit: Prism Image
Photo credit: Prism Image

Designed as a space to host community events and social gatherings, the clubhouse is organised around a multi-storey grand atrium that opens up towards the residential scheme. This large, light-filled atrium links all main functions together and serves as a reception and exhibition hall.  The lower levels provide leisure and wellness amenities including an indoor pool, gym, and children’s play areas.  All spaces have a direct connection to external terraces to provide views and access to the surrounding landscape.

Photo credit: Here Space
Photo credit: Here Space

The exterior of the main building is designed with unique forms and materials. Sitting on top of the hill, the three-storey glass volume is wrapped with a lightweight, screened façade. The screened façade is comprised of angled and perforated metal plates to capture and reflect light, creating a sense of wave-like movement. These plates are attached to the main structure through a lightweight steel skeletal framework that helps frame views and balances a sense of openness versus privacy. 

Photo credit: Need Film

Underneath the main sculptural metal and glass volume, a series of solid aluminum terraces step down the hillside to create a strong base for the main volume. These terraces are designed to ground the building and create a deeply organic relationship with the natural landscape surrounding the building. The terraces also allow the interior spaces within to open up towards the amazing views of the surrounding river valley.

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Photo credit: Arch-Exist, Here Space, Need Film, Prism Image

Project Details

Name of project: Wide Horizon Clubhouse

Location: Chongqing, China 

Client: Wide Horizon 

Scope: 10 Design Architecture

Type: Hospitality, Cultural & Civic

Site area: 4,013m2

GFA: 8,214m2

Year of completion: 2021

10 Design Team

Project partner: Barry Shapiro (Managing Partner, Asia)

Design partners: Scott Findley, Ian Milne

Architectural team: Frisly Colop Morales, Rita Pang, Hallen Deng, Gwilym Jones, Yueyue Chen, Luke O’Callaghan, Suhan Na, Murphy Ho


10 Design: Lead Design Architect

Chongqing Arch-Age Design: Local Architect

Zhejiang Zhongnan Institution of Curtain Wall Design & Research: Façade Consultant

LEOX Design Partnership: Lighting Consultant

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