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Full Scale Studio designs villa in rural Thailand with floating staircase in courtyard

March 28, 2020

Located in a village, surrounded by paddy fields, Jongluck Villa is a three-storey private residence for three families designed by Full Scale Studio, led by architect Attasit Kongmongkol, and assisted by architects Krittanon Chuachumsang, Surasak Jitaied, Sopida Chitchumnong, Sujinda Tuikheiw. The 2,000m² property features a common area, living room, service area, car park and swimming pool on the ground floor. The second floor is the private living unit for all family members.

The spatial strategy that the architects used is to separate the main programmes of the house into three main spaces: indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor space, borrowing from traditional Thai houses. These three main spaces are connected by the central courtyard.

The concept is to create dynamic movement throughout the house. These ideas have resulted in the overlapping layers of interconnected spaces that grow from the central court and expand through the vertical and horizontal axes of the house. The inner loop is the wooden terrace around the garden in the central court. The second loop is the concrete stairs embracing the central court. The very low angles of the slope of the stairs provide an open relaxing platform for all the residents to gradually and gently interact with nature in central garden.

The third layer of the loop is the central area of the house where all the family members can engage in activities together in both indoor and semi-indoor spaces. The area under the house creates a big horizontal void to bring in natural light and air circulation to the building and the courtyard. In this layer, windows, doors and building’s skin adjacent to the courtyard are equipped with the transparent glass to widen the view of the central courtyard and allow each member from opposite sides of the house to connect with each other through the central courtyard.

The last layer is the outer loop where all bedrooms are located in different positions and directions to create more privacy while offering a view of the surrounding mountains. The structure is built using reinforced concrete with a long-span beam to provide more panoramic views.

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The terrace structure of the cantilever slab system show the sense of lightness of the form, and create a better chance to bring all inhabitants to experience nature. Stucco is the main material covering the building’s skin. The integration of marble, granite and timber with concrete is used to lighten the tactile experience.

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Photos: Beer Singnoi

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