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Documentary on Mario Botta charts the architect’s journey through his reflections on urban places of worship

October 20, 2019

Mario Botta, The Space Beyond focuses on the famous Swiss architect, Mario Botta’s artistic journey through the sacred spaces he has designed throughout the world. Award-winning journalist and director Loretta Dalpozzo and Michèle Volontè are the creative brains behind the documentary which explores Botta’s ever-growing curiosity and reflections on the contradictions of increasingly urbanised societies and their rationale for building religious spaces.

The 76-year-old Botta has built places of worship for the three main monotheistic religions. After building many churches, synagogues, he is now working on a mosque in China. Through his reflections and his interactions with artists, colleagues, clients, and family members, the viewers get a glimpse of the man behind the legend.

San Giovanni Battista Church Mogno, Switzerland; Photo: Pino Musi

Some of his well-known works include the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Giovanni Battista Church in Mogno, Switzerland; Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, South Korea; Teatro Alla Scala in Milan; and Watari Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan.

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