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Delution studio creates a twin-house concept on a narrow site in Jakarta

October 7, 2019
Jakarta firm Delution has designed a 73m² house located in the Kebayoran Lama precinct of the Cipulir neighbourhood in South Jakarta, which is a densely populated area with narrow lanes only as wide as 1.5m². You can only get here on foot or bike. 
The team comprising lead architects Muhammad Egha, Hezby Ryandi, Fahmy Desrizal designed two houses for two families consisting of a couple and their two children as well as a woman with disabilities. The Twins is adopted from the house concept of brothers-sisters. Its raw exterior and interior leave the space flexible to be used as required by the inhabitants.

The Twin House stands raised to respond to its surrounding environment, giving each family privacy, spaces, and harmony on the same land. The twins concept emphasises the relation between “brother-sister” through a similar shape but different sizes. While the bigger of the two family homes features two ensuite bedrooms, kitchen and dining area for four family members, the other house has one ensuite bedroom, and a living room.

The public area spaces were designed around the narrow land in this building. All family members who live in this Twin House have their own privacy zone but still can communicate with each other. The public areas are connected through the access of each house.

Photography: Fernando Gomulya

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