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Azaz Architects combines tradition with modernity in Saudi’s popular coffee outlet

March 14, 2020

Saudi Arabia’s well-known coffee roasters Elixir Bunn opened its new location in the capital Riyadh, designed by Azaz Architects, led by architect Shahad Alazzaz. Anchoring the concept of the space with the fact that drinking coffee is part of the local culture with its origins going back many centuries, the 221m² project aims to reflect this traditional association.

Charting the evolution of coffee culture in the kingdom, Azaz Architects created the space as a “Deco Temple” to transport coffee aficionados to a modern place that offers a ritualistic experience. The structural column in the centre of the space created a challenge for the designers. However, the team at Azaz Architects addressed it by transforming it into the focal point of its design, and created new dimensions around it such as the massive overreaching arches.

The shape of the historic Islamic arches combined with the mud finish gives it an authentic feel in terms of its traditional association. However, the shop combines its underlying traditional character with a modern edge by introducing such elements as the use of sustainable Italian Terrazzo for the floor and the deep blue spiral staircase.

See the full gallery here:

Photos: Abdulrahman Bayshout, Rakan Alzughaib

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