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Archetype Architecture designs sports pavilion for academic institution in the Philippines juxtaposing modern and classic features

November 18, 2020

Archetype Architecture has designed a sports pavilion at the St. John’s Institute North Point Campus in Talisay City in the Western Visayas province of Negros Occidental. It is the first in a group of brand-new buildings to be built as part of a comprehensive development masterplan for the city.

To create an iconic project that will anchor the city, the architecture team went with a recurring theme that references its historical context to define the future. To preserve the school’s storied history as an academic institution, the team juxtaposed ultra-modern architecture with classic elements such as the ‘arch’. Its motifs and themes form a cohesive whole as an expression of the future of the school’s student life. The white facade and the elegant curves point towards a bright future. Its all-white design informs its aesthetic philosophy in the school’s adherence as an educational institution and as well as to its Catholic roots.

Totaling up to 1,800 square meters of floor area, the Sports Pavilion is an important piece of the St. John’s Institute North Point Campus masterplan is designed not only for sports, its retractable bleachers can make way for new event spaces. The new sports pavilion can host concerts and ball events for up to 3,000 spectators. Coupled with an adjacent Olympic-size swimming pool, the new gymnasium aims to be one of the prime venues for sports and other events in the country.

Aspiring to be an iconic architecture not only for the institution but for the province of Negros, its pure form and unique architecture has aspirations as a new landmark, being easily identifiable as a very characteristic and unique building. Like the Parthenon in Greece, in its simplicity and purity of architecture and design, the symmetrical façade becomes a timeless shape, all of whose elements have been carefully thought of as a harmonious symphony. Each arch presents itself as a repeating order that is unified by a high window that runs throughout the whole structure seamlessly.

Project details:

Architects: Archetype Architecture

Area: 1,800 m²

Year of completion: 2019

Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Big Ass Fans, Enscape, Lumion, Boysen, Firefly Lighting, Philsteel, Spurway Enterprises, Steeltech, Trimble Navigation

Architect-in-charge: Adriel Lim

Design team: Archetype Architecture, Palace Construction Incorporated

Clients: St. John’s Institute – Bacolod City, Philippines

Engineering: Palace Construction Incorporated

Consultants: Palace Construction Incorporated

City: Talisay City

Country: Philippines

See the full image gallery here:

Photographs: Adriel Lim, Christer Isulat

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