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Studio Kita creates a compact tropical house in a busy Jakarta neighbourhood

September 25, 2019

Studio Kita has completed a 199m² house in Jakarta, in the process transforming a poorly ventilated house into an open-plan, light-filled space. The house called Rumah 12 is sited on a narrow plot. “It took a while to convince this client, who is used to a conventional house with minimal ventilation, to agree on an open plan design on his intention to extend his living room,” says the design team comprised of architects Erick Van Hautan, Ivan Christianto, Arleta Rachma.

Located in a dense neighborhood of Jakarta, we designed a two-and-a-half storey tropical home with a backyard and open spaces. The outdoor areas which are spread throughout the house on the horizontal and vertical axis, which form a big chimney-like space on the backyard, made not only the daylight stream into every corner of the house but also the air circulation flew well. The floor plan that places bathrooms in a line at each level makes the drainage piping system more efficient.  A small shaft is placed inside a depth of bathroom walls to channel all the waterways and electricity cables.

The usage of concrete brick as an affordable material that needs minimal finishing is meant to keep the cost down and construction period cuts. “The expose of raw material creates a compelling indoor-outdoor character of the house for the urban family who wish to live in a tranquil house in the middle of a crowded city,” says the team.

Photo credit: Arleta Rachma

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