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Stilt Studios Bali led by Alexis Dornier launches prefab tiny house made with recycled materials

August 13, 2020

Bali-based Stilt Studios has begun construction on a new prefabricated tiny house made out of recycled Tetra Pak cartons. The firm has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to create awareness for the use of recycled materials in building and construction. Designed to promote local, circular economies, the first prototype is now being built and sales of the tiny house will commence in October this year.

As outlined by the team, the Tiny Tetra House is a 64m2 home with all living amenities elevated 40cm off the ground built using wood, glass and recycled materials. The architecture makes use of the recycled materials’ reflective characteristics, while strategically placed openings carefully frame view corridors.

“At Stilt Studios we believe we have the responsibility for both creating unique designs and reducing the environmental impact of our buildings. How about if we could not only reduce total material used and the footprint, but be a part of the circular economy by the choice of material used” says Alexis Dornier, co-founder and chief designer at Stilt Studios. The design includes a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, open kitchen, and living room, as well as outdoor terraces.

Stilt Studios uses corrugated sheets made of recycled Tetra Pak beverage cartons by @ecobalirecycle to establish the roof and walls. To lessen the recurring waste problem, Tetra Pak developed poly roof panels that are made of 25% plastic and aluminium from their package cartons. The aluminium layer on top helps to ensure a 100% waterproof material. The design of the sloping roof channels rainwater through the designed structural system which is then stored for further use, including watering the surrounding garden.

Stilt Studios has listed the project on Kickstarter to increase community feedback for the prototype and raise a smaller part of the prototype costs from the community. Support the project here.

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