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Indonesia’s Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture creates sustainable, prefab and modular home-office units equipped to withstand natural disasters

May 4, 2020

Led by architect Yanuar Pratama Firdaus, and assisted by Gea Sentanu, Azzahra Dartaman, Chandra Adhila, and Citra Aviany, Indonesia-based firm Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture has designed AAND Sayana – a 35m² prefabricated modular home-office that can be fully assembled within three weeks. The cabin is used as a meeting room and podcast studio for #aaksentalks, although the building’s primary purpose itself can be very versatile depending on the users’ needs and activities.

Located in West Java’s Bandung city, the building components were made in Kendal, Indonesia, and later gathered for the assembling process. The construction system was designed without involving any heavy equipment, making it possible to build this modular structure anywhere from a plot in a narrow alley of the city center, to even on a remote island.

In AAND Sayana, the wall is made of CLT, an engineered wood panel that has been calculated, tested, and finally labelled as an earthquake-resistant structure. The structural timber was made of certified local burflower-tree or Neolamarckia Cadamba, local fast-growing trees commonly used for building materials. As Indonesia is home to many active volcanoes due to the ring of fire, the situation demands building strategies that help towards disaster prevention.

Additionally, the energy supply in the project is supported by an on-grid solar panel system, whereby any excess energy produced can be supplied to the office. All electronic systems are controlled by IoT from the phone, to ensure that every future occupant remains conscious of energy consumption. The project aims to foster a faster development in a remote area, especially in East Indonesia, with a focus on high-quality standardised prefabricated local materials that can be effortlessly constructed by anyone, while preserving the environment and leaving a minimum footprint.

The project has already won a merit award of Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents (SDAY 2019), representing Indonesia and Bandung as UNESCO City of Design @bccfbdg with the theme “Inclusive Design” that encompasses creativity and contribution of designers from UNESCO Creative Cities to create a more liveable environment. In this situation of facing the unexpected new normal living, AAND Sayana exemplifies the feasibility of having home-office pods in any backyard, with the new ethical standards that emphasise the importance of functions and emotional values of design towards a more liveable and productive environment.

Photos: Azzahra Dartaman, Bayu Herdiadi

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