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Soar Design Studio imparts modernity to Taichung’s traditional pastry shop while preserving heritage elements

July 22, 2020

Architect Yu-Jui Chang of Soar Design Studio has designed a pastry shop sited within an old house located at the corner of an old Taichung neighbourhood. The context creates an interesting contrast against the surrounding buildings. The client, Shi-Feng-Shiang1985, is a well-known bakery in Shalu with 35 years of history. The second-generation business that is now looked after by the founders’ children aims to retain the value of tradition while implementing innovation for pastry-making.

As it is a brand with cultural heritage, the architect’s plan was to make this house an urban oasis, which not only serves as the base for the culinary operation but also a connection hub for the community through shared and open design, opening up this old place, outdoors and even indoors, to the community.

As the precinct of Shalu is close to the sea, the architect has incorporated some elements from the Taiwanese marine architecture style. Developed with the workers, together with the ground shells of oysters and clams were added to the powder of the wall paint, presenting a unique quality of marine style and sophistication in the lighting effects of the house. Such creamy paint with intriguing details indeed creates a deja-vu of marine architecture.

The architect brought in materials from the outside to support the circular garden, breaking the sense of boundaries between in and out. The preserved and reused original materials such as terrazzo, mortar, and hexagon bricks, add a new dimension to the pastry shop’s pedigree.

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Photos: Hey! Cheese

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