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Shanghai’s cruise terminal by Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects combines infrastructure with landscaping

February 23, 2020

Located at the end of Shanghai’s Minsheng Rd, the Minsheng Ferry Station designed by Atelier Liu Yuang Architects, is connected to the Minsheng Wharf Waterfront through Huimin Bridge. Flanked by the Huangpu River to the north and Xinhua greenspace to the west, it serves as a transportation infrastructure that connects the two coasts and serves as an important landscape intersection along the Huangpu River. The project, led by architect Yuyang Liu, integrates architecture with the landscape while separating ferry passengers and slow traffic flow from the three-line connection through two levels of different functions.

Standing tall at 9 meters and spanning 363m², the building is divided into two levels: the lower level serves as ferry waiting area and service zone which direct the flows of passengers to the ferry, while the upper level serves as facilities for the connecting open space. The building is covered by stainless mesh net on the top as landscape installations which give the building a distinct appearance at night through various lighting techniques.

The station lobby is open towards south and north with skylights to bring natural lighting to the narrow space underneath. The ticket office and public restrooms are placed west to the lobby. The lower level is totally covered by the strolling platform.

The upper level offers a panoramic view towards the Huangpu River. The canopy utilises steel structure and stainless mesh net to create a lightness through its geometrical form, as seen at the western end of Huimin Bridge. Vines and vegetation provide shading for leisure activities on the platform.

Photos: Yong Zhang

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