1000 Trees in Shanghai by Heatherwick Studio nears completion

November 20, 2019

Heatherwick Studio has revealed new images of its 300,000m2 mixed-use development in Shanghai called 1000 Trees, named after the multiple tree-holding structure.

Located on a 6-hectare site in Shanghai, 1000 Trees takes the form of a mountain-like tree-covered topography. The building’s hundreds of structural support columns are left exposed, doubling as podiums with large planters built into the top, and each holding a handful of trees.

The undulating shape allows the building to blend with the adjacent arts district and public park, with its edges lowered to minimise its impact on the surroundings.

Its structure is raised towards the centre, meanwhile to create more volume within and to accommodate more in the way of its spatial programming.

This brief for the studio was to create a building that would respond to its surroundings, as well as create a large and dense development.

The project is scheduled to open next year.

Photos: Qingyan Zhu

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