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Phoebe Says Wow architects designs Boolean birdhouse pavilion in remote Taiwanese mountains

April 16, 2020

Architecture Firm, Phoebe Says Wow, has designed an 80m² pavilion for the Flower Festival in the remote mountains in Taiwan. “It’s our belief that we can enhance visitors’ experiences by drawing local birds closer to people. Hence, the design was inspired by this birdhouse concept, which also leads one to appreciate the fact that family and home is where one finds love and awesomeness albeit with along complications,” explain the lead architects Shihhwa Hung and Phoebe Wen. “Our design was rooted in this narrative and we re-interpreted it by stacking five individual houses while removing the overlapping area to create a Boolean interior that expresses unique spatial experiences from its complex geometries and wooden structures. One might even notice there are seven peculiar boxes with an opening on the facades. This translates into a house for both humans and birds under one roof.”

The facade design, wood shingles made of Taiwania, a cypress tree, were arranged with various patterns as well as bark finishes to give it a natural presence as a wood cabin as well as a birdhouse that blends into its surroundings.

The interior is mainly for sheltering and exhibition, and for visitors to enjoy moments of peace. The circulation is designed to have visitors entering from two different entrances on the opposite side shaping different vantage points to appreciate the spatial characters.

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Since the interior space is semi-disconnected, visitors are expected to engage both inside and outside of the building to complete the experience that also incorporates the backdrop as one of the main protagonists. Projection mapping is an integrated art form that presents and encourages a visual connection with nature and its conservation.

Photos: Hey!Cheese, OS Studio, Shihhwa Hung

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