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Material of the Year at 2019 London Design Fair exhibition announced

September 5, 2019
The London Design Fair has chosen biomaterials as Material of the Year.  Now in its third year, Material of the Year highlights and scrutinises a key material, one whose properties are the subject of analysis and debate across the design world and beyond.

High Society design firm

Having considered the merits of reusing plastic components in design during last year’s edition, this year the fair will focus on biomaterials and their positive contribution to both design and the environment. Biomaterials (also known as bio-based materials) are often derived and made from by-products found in the agricultural industry.

Fernando Laposse

High Society design firm

Once the by-products have been identified, then the hard work begins. This involves hundreds of hours of carefully analysing the different elements of the agriculture chain from which the by-products were derived. The programme considers the most suitable harvest time for these by-products and how they can be sustainably utilised for mass consumption. Four examples of work by designers with a keen awareness of the environment will be showcased at the Second exhibition. Using a range of by-products, these designers have created functional and visually striking creations.

Studio Theerd Veenhoven

Jimmy MacDonald, founder and director of the London Design Fair, explains: ‘The sheer volume of waste being repurposed and the potential volume these new materials can be used at, makes them extremely important and something we want to celebrate at the Fair.”

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