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Massi Architects designs Jakarta house featuring mix of tropical materials and rich landscaping

July 13, 2020

Situated in a dense housing complex in Srengseng in west Jakarta, this 700m² site feels tighter despite its size. This pushed the architects Edward Lesmana and Aththur Ardian to create a workable solution for the family of four who reside in this house. One of the most important details in the client’s brief was to limit land usage for building so as to provide maximum outdoor landscape capacity and leave enough scope for future development. The client also requested indoor landscaping that would blur the distinction between the external and interior areas.

The architecture concept emphasises openness while also taking into account the importance of privacy for the residents. The house is split into three levels with the first floor being used only as a service area. The living area was deliberately located to occupy the second and third floors in order to maximise privacy.

The privacy is further maintained by the placement of several large windows that are strategically placed to face the side and rear landscape, while the front end of the house only features three much smaller windows divided between second and third floors. A planter box, which is used as a sound buffer from the crowded surrounding, is placed directly in front of the window on the third floor.

The living area layout design revolves around an open dry garden area that channels direct sunlight into the house. The dry garden area has also been used as the staircase placement. A two-storied tall tree has been planted in the planter box placed in the middle of the dry garden, making it one of the numerous house features. The third floor features a void looking directly into the dry garden. White paint finish on the walls was selected because it helps to absorb and reflect daylight which then makes the rooms brighter and reduces the use of lighting during the daytime.

The facade is composed of several orchestrated boxes with a combination of wood and stone to blend the house with the lush landscape surrounding it. The wood feel is achieved by using a fiber-cement panel and galvanised steel screen attached to a black painted wall. The use of wood and natural stones from local suppliers was chosen to evoke calmness and serenity needed as an escape from the bustling surrounding.

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Photos: Aththur Ardian

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