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Dehsar Works redesigns former warehouse in Dhaka into a playful office with bright red loft space for communications firm

April 17, 2021

The Blues Communications, an events and strategic communications company based in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, enlisted architectural practice Dehsar Works to create design its head office that could accommodate 30 to 40 workstations on a site that was formerly occupied by a warehouse. Being a creative firm, the Blues management requested a concept that was out of the box and reflected the company’s forward-thinking practices.

In essence, the architect proposed a concept to build a playful office with versatile spaces which can be used for purposes such as meetings, conferences, and short meet-up. The company’s employees’ working hours are not stereotypically nine to five, and they often work long hours.

Some of the materials the architecture practice deployed in the construction are pre-fabricated metal exoskeleton as the mainframe; tri-layered polycarbonate sheets were used to provide thermal comfort and reduce cooling load; double-glazed glass facade to reduce heat gain and indoor-outdoor relationship; floor slab with poly concrete deck panels; pre-fabricated wooden panels as floor finish materials; reinforced concrete and bricks were used only in service blocks which were placed to reinforce the metal exoskeleton.

In addition to creating an open office space, the architects also added a loft space, while keeping in mind main requirements such as efficient service management, cost reduction and ease of maintenance. To keep the construction cost low and maintain the original carbon footprint, the existing concrete foundation was utilised by fabricating a metal structure over it. Variable Refrigerant Flow of air-conditioning, and a centralised service block have been placed inside the building. The high ceilings and large transparent glass façade allows natural light to the core of the building that undergoes constant changes as light reflections alter over the course of the day.

At night, the office is lit by white LED lights, resembling a giant luminaire, while making the building shimmer in dialogue with the surrounding vibrant neighborhood. Providing all ancillary facilities with seven parking spaces, vehicular and pedestrian access along with two vertical and other horizontal traffic circulation. The landscape has ample green and plants to create a better workplace.

Project details:

  • Architect: Dehsar Works
  • Area: 2,019m²
  • Photographs: Noufel Sharif Sojol
  • Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Saint-Gobain, ALM Steel, McNeel, Nasir Glass, ONLEAD, PMG, Shah Cement, Star Partex, Trimble Navigation
  • Lead architect: Rashed Hassan Chowdhury
  • Project architect: Sayedil Ashrafin
  • Structural consultant: Habibur Rahman
  • Electrical consultant: Alinur Rahman
  • Plumbing consultant: Kamruzzaman

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