AHL Architects designs a contemporary villa inspired by traditional Vietnamese architecture

March 13, 2018

Hopper House by AHL Architects in Vietnam’s Quang An province is inspired by traditional Vietnamese Northern House.


The large yard and all the old trees of the existing house have been kept unchanged which helps keep maximum privacy for the open space inside.



Patios, thresholds, inner yards, roofs, proportions are “components” selected from tradition to totally match with the contemporary space of the Hopper House. Architects Hung Dao and Sy Tuan say: “We did not copy those ‘components’ for Hopper House, we used them as inputs to analyse, arrange and create the design of space and function of the House. We endeavour to best retain urban space, existing perennial trees for Hopper House in an area crowded with rental apartment buildings and complexes.”

Photos: HoangLe Photography

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