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teamLab Borderless Shanghai opens with installations that react to visitors’ movements

November 28, 2019

Tokyo-based multimedia art collective teamLab has launched its second digital-only museum, described as “a world made of artworks without boundaries.” Located in Shanghai’s Huangpu District, teamLab Borderless Shanghai, which opened earlier in November, comes after the launch of the MORI Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless in Tokyo last year.

Designed by teamLab Architects, the 6,600m² venue is an intricately-structured three-dimensional space housing around 50 artworks. Visitors can walk through the galleries experiencing interactive digital artworks that move out of the rooms around them, form connections with and react to them and transcend the physical space of the museum, moving between other teamLab Borderless museums around the world. Among the artworks on display is a forest of lamps that light up with upon sensing visitors as well as another feature of digital light sculptures comprising more than 1,000 densely packed moving lights.

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