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Nitaprow Architects convert dilapidated amphitheatre into solar-powered cafe in Thai province

October 29, 2019

Bangkok-based architecture firm Nitaprow, founded by Nita Yuvaboon and Prow Puttorngul, has redesigned an old 150m² amphitheatre into a modern cafe in the central Thai province of Nakhon Pathom.   “After learning about the client’s plan to demolish the old amphitheater which was built partially on an existing hill next to two significant Tamarind and Trumpet trees, we proposed to place the new cafe there in its place,” says the architect duo. On one side, the new building overlooks the preserved amphitheatre’s wooden stage, while offering a panoramic view of the entire village from all the other sides. The service core was set back from the glass facade to allow for a continuous circulation loop. The roof slope was divided into four segments; its geometry conceptually pivots around the centre column to follow the circulation flow at ground level while inviting natural light to illuminate the underside of its roof along all four axes. Terracotta tiles were selected as the roof material to reference traditional architecture and its primitive yet intricate installation technique. All of the electrical equipment was designed to run entirely on solar energy provided for by solar roof panels installed at the front end of the property. The height of the building was determined by the height of a single piece of glass. The glass division was determined by the width of the night-vision reflective film applied to all exterior glass surfaces. The film reflection reduces the solar heat gain while creating a visually-enticing reflection of the natural surroundings on both the interior and exterior columnns, clad with reflective stainless steel panels.  Plants and vines were integrated into the landscape to take over the thatched-roof walkway and the surroundings.

Photos: Ketsiree Wongwan

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