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Italy’s open-air museum opens with a wire mesh sculpture by Edoardo Tresoldi

September 20, 2019

Italian sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi known for his wire mesh sculptors has created Simbiosi, an architectural installation investigating the relationship between humans and nature. Sited in the Arte Sella sculpture park, which is located on a hill in Italy’s Trentino Valley, that did not exist prior to the storm of 2018, the site-specific installation explores the materiality of local stones. The open-air museum and park, has recently reopened to the public, after being damaged by a storm during winter. Arte Sella includes pieces by internationally acclaimed artists and architects such as Eduardo Souto de MouraKengo Kuma, Michele De Lucchi, and Ettore Sottsass. Through Simbiosi, Tresoldi, “hybridises the transparency of the Absent Matter, expressed through the wire mesh, with the materiality of local stones”. The architectural installation generates a space of rest and meditation, an open space to the skies, “a ruin suspended between architecture, nature and temporal dimension”. Reaching 5m of height, the structure challenges gravity. In fact, the artwork states that it is a personification of “a body in suspension that levitates between consciousness and unconsciousness, between the material and immaterial world, a living organism, permeable yet intimate: an emotional communication channel with nature.”

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